Hope Springs Monday, Aug 25 2014 

There are times when you are about to surrender. When trials and hardships are piling up.

Do not lose hope. Take a moment of silence and reflection. Look for a quiet place. Pray and meditate. Remember that you are not alone.

Breathe in, breathe out. Keep in mind that God is never late. He will come to your succor. In times that you cannot carry the heavy load, put your trust in Him. He will be there.

Breathe in, breathe out. And let the hope in your heart spring.



Carry On Friday, Feb 21 2014 

20140221-190243.jpg-quote from the movie “Winter’s Tale”

I am certain Friday, Feb 7 2014 

I am certain on what I want to be and where to go.

In two decades and a half of existence, I realized that I have triumphant days
while hurdles along the way tested my dedication, patience, and endurance.

I rise, I fall.

I win, I lose.

I rise, I fall.

I win, I lose.

I rise, I fall.

But I am not desperate.

Failing, equated with losing and falling, is only part of one’s journey.
A mere speck of what we perceive as the reality.
A spoonful of what is the truth in a man’s lifetime.

I learned that there are gains and losses along the process.
And failing in a particular endeavor is not a ground to give up on dreams and ambitions.

Then can something or someone stop me?
Absolutely, Yes!
Only the cessation of my physical existence can hamper me in achieving those things left to be done.
He is Death.

I rise, I fall.

I win, I lose.

I rise, I fall.

I win, I lose.

I rise, I fall.

But because I am certain on what I want to be and where to go, I will keep on moving until that glorious day come.
That very moment when I will shout out loud… I…

I made it through the storm and fought a good fight.


She’s so Hot! Friday, Nov 29 2013 

I have been seeing her before
But I have not noticed her beauty
The other day she called me
Again I did not pay too much attention

The other day, she took off her coat
To my surprise, carramba!
Lady in red!
She is so hot!!!

I am glad that finally our chilli pepper plant produced a beautiful, sexy and hot lady chilli!

I was about to take a picture
She is so naughty
She danced with the wind


The Triumvirate Friday, Nov 29 2013 

The TRIUMVIRATE is a group or association of three powerful individuals. They assume the office of leadership, takes the lead in commanding troops in a particular state, territory or regime.

Oops!.. hold your horses, this is not going to be serious, political or historical. I will not deal with the Triumvirate of Caesar, Pompei and Crassus. Nor will I discuss the Triumvirate of Octavius, Mark Anthony and Lepidus.

I am humbled to present to you the Triumvirate of our garden. My gardening tools; the shovel, pitchfork and rake. They assumed office and take the lead in digging, tilling and cultivating the soil. They will rule a portion of the land. And they will continue until they are fit to do so.


Cactus Tuesday, Nov 26 2013 


Love needs expression. And l-o-v-e not always mean happy thoughts. For in a harmonious relationship there is a twist of pain and disappointment. As Marxists put it, conflict of the opposites or in the language of atomists the balance of electric charges.

Look at the cactus. It may bring you pain if its thorns penetrate your sensitive skin. But it may also bring you a certain kind of happiness the moment you see the elegance of its flower.

#cactus #flower there is a #thorn in my #palm but it is #okay 😉


Renewing my commitment with our garden Monday, Nov 25 2013 

  Plants, trees, vines, and grasses grow day by day. They have a language that we must understand. They welcome the beauty of the sunrise. They dance with the wind. Then freshen up with water that flow in their roots.


the final curtain Friday, Nov 22 2013 

Our minds are so powerful that we can imagine the finale of what we have just started.


Start of something new — random thoughts Friday, Nov 22 2013 

There are things that the mind cannot comprehend but the heart can fathom.

I can think of many ways to make us happy. But I only need that four-letter word to make that happiness to last longer. #love

Do not try to over rationalize your feelings. Love as an emotion comes from the heart not in the mind.


Idle Tuesday, Feb 26 2013 

Laws must not be stagnant. It must go along with the changes in our society.


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